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A greate week in Portugal

It have been a greate week in Portugal. From wednesday to sunday. The first day we only were at school and clases. we maked new friends. At thursday we were at school and we had a Peddy paper, to get known with ther sitty. It was werry funny. But one participant from eatch team had to put ther hed in  a bowl with flour. It was terible 🙂 The teams were mixed between the contries.

At friday we went to the beach to go sailing and try caiting.  Unfortenatly it was no wind. But it was funny to learn about it. I realy wanted to try. In the night we all got together eating at the moll, and went out in the citty.

At saturday  we went to the beach where we dived and had a lot of fun swiming. At night we ate diner at a restaurant with all the participants from Cyprys, Portugal and us Norwegians. I think the meals in Portugal are different the aouers in Norway.

The whole wisit was funny and educational. And I got menny new friends.

Day 1 in Portugal

The first day in Portugal, we were with our hosts at school. After school we went for lunch. It was really strange because the meals are so different in
Portugal then in Norway!

After lunch we went to see the city of Tavira. First we went to a beautiful castle with a garden full of wonderful flowers. Then we went to a museum, but we didn’t undarstand anything because the woman who showed us around only spoke Portuguise… So we left and went to the park and the supermarket. A good way to get to know the city:)


The castle!


The garden:)


The view:D





Today we were doing a game called Peddy paper. In this game we were supposed to get known with the city. We got some tasks to do, it was funny. Yesterday we were only in the class with our hosts. 

Hectic week for Spanish pupils in Norway

Pupils in the wood

Pupils in the wood

Many Norwegian and Spanish students may have had its busiest week this year.
In connection with the Comenius project at Åmot lower secondary school, 19 Spanish pupils and 2 teachers have visited our school. The Spanish students have lived with Norwegian host families and 38 exited pupils met for the first time last Sunday night. The Spanish had a very long journey behind them with flight, train and buses. 13 hours from Seville to Rena in Norway.

Varied program
A varied program had been planned. In addition to following the regular education students have got many impressions of Rena center and Åmot municipality. Now they know better the schools, the society and the life of the youth.

There have been visits and there have been given briefings about the culture, the Birkebeiner office and the primary education during the visit at Rena school. Several of the Spanish pupils had never been in snow in their life and it was a day of sledge in Digeråsen, a small ski resort.

The Knackstedt family invited all Norwegian and Spanish students to take part in a nature trail on Saturday. The physical challenges were great, but the students were satisfied. The last day, Sunday, Norwegian and Spanish students and teachers had a short stay in Oslo.

The Spanish also contributed to make the stay a success. There was guitar playing and they taught the dance Sevillanas at the elementary school. They taught classes in physical education and had quizzes about the history of Andalucía at Åmot lower secondary school.

Honor to parents and pupils
During the spare time of the pupils it also happened very much. Parents have been very active taking initiatives. Pupils were in the pool at Rena leir military base and swam. One night there was bowling. Pupils have been shopping in Elverum and it has been much activity in central Rena.  Pupils have taken part in gymnastics, football, snowmobiling and pupils have made ​​dinner together.

RevisitA theme that keeps cropping up is the possibility of revisiting Seville. This will depend that our school again join a new Comenius project, but Norwegian pupils say they are planning a visit to Seville on their own initiative. The time will tell us how this ends.

Picture gallery from the stay

Comenius meeting in Bulgaria, January 2013

A warm velcome

A warm welcome

23.-27. January  Åshild and Gry went together with the students Caroline, Martine, Kari Helene, Aleksander, Sander, Kristoffer and Tobias to Sofia, Bulgaria. Five of the students stayed by their Bulgarian friends who were in Rena in May last year, but all of them had contact with each other before the trip to Sofia.

When we arrived, we were picked up at the airport and driven to the school where we met the others. It was very nice to meet our Comenius friends again and we had as usual a lot of good food and drinks in the evenings.

At school we presented our countries and schools for the Bulgarian students, had two Comenius meetings, learned two different variations of sitting basketball, watch a traditional dance performed by students and a very impressive performance of a deaf theatre group.

Comenius meeting

Comenius meeting

We also went to the town of Plovdiv, where we had a guided tour around the old city. It was very nice weather this day and it was lovely in the old amfitheatre. On Saturday it was snow and temperatures below zero (nothing for us Norwegians..) and we visited the Boyana Church and the National Museum. At the museum some of the students and teachers had the opportunity to be queens, kings or knights for a moment.

The next and last visit for this Comenius project will be in Portugal in May. But most of the participating schools want to continue with a new project, hopefully we’ll get the applications approved in June.

The students have also blogged from the visit to Sofia, you can see the pictures and text somewhere else on this blog.

Picture gallery

Comenius visit to Cyprus, November 2012

Meeting in Nicosia

Meeting in Nicosia

7.-11. November Linda and Gry went to Nicosia in Cyprus to meet our Comenius friends again. We were excited  to meet “old” and new friends and to learn more about Cyprus since this was our first visit to the island.

First visit

First visit

We stayed in a nice and central hotel in Nicosia where we met the others. Transportation with bus and cars was practical and nice, particularly because they drive on the left hand side in Cyprus. We had both rain and sun during our stay, but it was much warmer than in Norway.

A warm welcome from the Cypriot team at the school just outside the center of Nicosia. The headmistress, Miss Maria, showed great hospitality and was proud of her country. We also got very nice traditional gifts and food (made and served by the parents) at the school.

We had a tour around the school, watched a football match, participated in traditional games, learned a new game, “indoor baseball”, and had our Comenius meeting. We also went to an old amphitheatre by the coast, visited museums and had a sightseeing tour around Nicosia.



In the evenings we ate a lot of good food  and experienced  traditional music and dances. And of course, had a great time with all the nice people. Thank you also to the great Cypriot team, we had a very good time in Cyprus.

Picture galley

Comenius visit in Rena, May 2012

International sports day

International sports day

We had the honor to be hosts for the Comenius teams in Rena 2.-6. May 2012. Teachers and students from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Latvia, Spain and Portugal came to our small village. Both teachers and students stayed in private homes, partly because of the high hotel prices in Norway and partly because this was a good way to learn more about Norwegian culture.

The guest teachers had breakfast at school the two first days. They could see what the school was like, presented their own countries and schools for our students, participated in PE-lessons were we all showed traditional and integrated games and had the mandatory Comenius meeting. We also visited the “Drengestua”, an alternative “classroom” at a farm nearby, were students who needs it can get more practical lessons.

The teachers visited the Birkebeiner office, were we learned more about the cross country skirace and the mountain bike race from Rena to Lillehammer. Then we visited the House of Culture were the Culture school and some students played, sang and danced. The guests also got presents. Afterwards we drove by bus to Hedmark University College, Campus Evenstad, were we had lunch (traditional moose meat, “hakk”) and went for a walk in the woods. The walk was partly steep and ended at a small mountain were we had a beautiful view of the valley and Glomma (Norway’s longest river).

View from the mountain

View from the mountain

On Saturday we went to Elverum, a small town about 30 km south of Rena. There we visited the Norwegian Forrest Museum and had lunch outside in the snow, before it was time for some shopping.

In the evenings, the students met and had a good time together at a restaurant and private at some of the Norwegian students. The teachers had meals at some of the Norwegian teachers homes; at Åshild’s farm, at Arne Vegard and the last evening at Linda.

We hope everyone enjoyed the stay despite the changing weather conditions (we had four seasons during this week, also very typical Norwegian spring weather).

Picture gallery 1

Picture gallery 2

A snowy day

Today it snowed. We was at the Bulgarian national museum and a little church with a special guide.
We had some time to go shopping and we had a good time, tomorrow we are leaving Bulgaria, we will miss the people here.

Fun in Bulgaria😎




Today we where at the Zlatarski international school almost the Whole day. But after hours and hours we Finally went to starbucks again because we forgot to blog about our trip to starbucks yesterday. After starbucks we went ice skating and had so much fun. After falling and sliding on the ice we went for the restaurant Victoria, but it showed up to be 2 Victoria restaurants. And we choosed the wrong one. After a taxi party we went to eat and thats it😄😄😄😄😄😄😄